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Professional Clothing Alterations, Bespoke Suits & Dresses


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Alterations and Professional Tailor Services

Clothing Alterations

Clothing alterations and repairs in Kitsilano, VancouverWe do repairs and adjustments on all types of clothing. Common alterations include fixing a broken zipper, hemming jeans, shortening pants, and resizing of various clothing.

Bespoke Suits & Dresses

Custom suits tailored just for youMaster Tailor Ali Rayhani has been making fasionable made-to-measure suits and dresses for over 25 years. If you've seen a style of suit that you like, bring in a picture and Ali will work with you to design your own custom suit that will last forever.


Alterations on jackets, pants, shirts, slacks and moreHave a leather jacket with sleeves a little too long? A pair of slacks that are too loose? Jeans that need to be shortened? No need to replace it or throw it away; we can fix it so it fits like new. Our service comes with a smile, and we guarantee fast turnaround!

Drapes, Curtain & Bedding Alterations

Alterations on curtains, drapes, and beddingHave you moved recently and want your beautiful pair of curtains to fit a new window? With a few easy alterations we can shorten or narrow your drapes, curtains, sheets and bedding.